Posted by: dswerling | April 29, 2008

Intelligent Design vs. Evolution…what’s the point?

I’ve been trying to decide whether or not I should see this new Ben Stein movie “expelled.” Ben Stein describes the movie as saying that evolution is most definitely true, only that still no one knows how the entire thing got started. Still, many reviews online describe the movie as “Creationist propaganda.” I’m a Christian, but I want to know what I belief and know how to phrase it rationally, so I’m not that into the idea of being fed false arguments or “propaganda.” The problem is that many other reviews say that it’s true and that “big science” is just hating on the people who disagree with everything that’s come up in light of the subject in recent years.

For me, I hate the entire debate, because (as with many other debates) I think that the issue at stake really isn’t about Evolution or about God, it’s about science and the limits of science. Here’s an example, science can tell us all the components that make up chicken soup, and all the ways in which these components are created and prepared. However, science cannot tell us how chicken soup tastes. Isn’t this strange? We look at all the complicated components of the chicken, or the water in the broth, or the salt or the vegetables, but then something so basic and simple such as taste we can only perceive, we can’t describe with formulas or equations.

Some condescending Atheist once remarked “I think it’s strange how there are all these descriptions of miracles and monsters are in the Bible, but we’re never noticing them today.” Never noticing them today? What do you call UFO’s and alien abductions and ghosts and Marian apparitions and miraculous healings and bigfoots and yetis and exorcisms and other “paranormal activity?” The exact same strange, inexplicable phenomena happen now the way they always have, the only difference is that we often throw the cover of science over this “paranormal activity” to validate it. We can’t make an honest case for anything now unless we have scientific reasoning for it, and it irritates me because some of these things are not scientific questions. Honestly reader, can you imagine a day in which we find conclusive scientific proof of ghosts? Of course not, but can you imagine a day in which inexplicable ghost sitings aren’t going to occur? I know I can’t! These things aren’t scientific because they aren’t SUPPOSED to be scientific, and in fact, whether or not they’re “real” ends up making very little difference. I believe it was Carl Sagan who, when asked about the origin of the Universe, remarked that the universe was “just one of those things.” While I think this is a cop-out explanation for why we’re here, I think it does apply to things like “paranormal activity,” it’s just there. What’s the point of worrying about it?

So we can see that creating science where science shouldn’t be isn’t a good thing, I feel that’s what the real problem with Intelligent Design is. There are problems with the theory of evolution, especially with newer ideas such as “Evolution of Psychology,” which I must admit, does seem pretty flakey to me. However, despite the gaps in evolution, it’s coherent, and it makes sense. Please stop saying it’s only a theory because it’s the “theory of Evolution,” because in science “theory” means a hypothesis that is past the hypothesis stage and is now accepted as an explanation, just under further study. Evolution is true, and it’s a fool’s dream to think it’s not. However, as I said, there are gaps in the theory, and newer ideas such as “Evolution of Psychology” do not seem (in my own, humble opinion) as coherent as good ol’ biological evolution. Evolution is what should be taught as science in biology courses in high school, and it should be taught without having to undergo any admissions of gaps in the theory making reference to God.

That being said, there’s nothing wrong with intelligent design. I know that there are certainly aspects of it that I believe, often aspects that relate to gaps I see in evolution. Intelligent deign is perfectly good, it just isn’t scientific, because how can you test it? There’s no way to experiment with intelligent design, it’s really just a roadblock in the scientific sense. This is what I was talking about before with the whole “paranormal activity” thing, we’re so desperate to now validate everything as some sort of science. What’s the point? Most people believe in some sort of intelligent design, if they don’t believe that the universe was created in some sort of multiverse complex or that something can come out of nothing. However, there are gaps in evolution, and there is the question of what “got the ball rolling” in terms of the universe, life, and our own morality and all the other stuff we often take for granted. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with sharing an evolutionary view with a little bit of intelligent design, it’s just important to remember that ID isn’t science, and it shouldn’t be taught as if it were science. I’m a devoted Christian, but even I would be confused if in Biology class some teacher had said “well, usually this happens, but sometimes the Holy Spirit comes along and…” There’s nothing wrong with intelligent design, we should just admit that it’s not scientific. It’s the focus and admission on what we don’t know, while science is the focus and admission on what we do know. How confusing would it be in a Biology class to only talk about all the things that we didn’t understand? That’s not very productive, don’t you think?

As for “expelled,” I guess I’m going to go see it, but I wish both sides would just drop this politicized stupid issue. All the biology textbooks in the world isn’t going to get rid of what truly religious people feel to be true, and all the extra trappings that we can put on religion isn’t going to make it look like science. The two fields are different, and ask different questions, and I wish that people would be more willing to admit that. I consider myself a sincere person, so I just find it frustrating when I’m really trying to figure out what I believe, and it’s being complicated by various parties with their own agendas. In any case, I hope “expelled” won’t turn out to be “Creationist propaganda.” It will be another one of those things making our cause to spread hope and peace yet more difficult.  



  1. I agree with most of what you say. I’m also struggling with the idea of seeing the movie. My own personal view is that it is wrong to equate the Creation narratives found in the Bible with evolution, creationism, creation science, or anything else of the sort. Trying to make “science” out of the Genesis creation narratives is entirely missing the point.

    I look at it this way. With the Creation narratives of the Bible, God is providing His people with the counter to the creation myths and stories that were so prevalent of that day. The very things that are mentioned in the Genesis accounts correspond with and reject the pagan mythologies. There was no attempt to be scientific about it. In fact, the “scientific method” wasn’t “discovered” until thousands of years later. The Creation narratives were, and are, the history God provided His people to explain Himself, who they were, and their place in the world and before God

    There are many things I don’t understand, particularly when it comes to evolution, astronomy, geology, and anthropology, particularly when it comes to talking about how old the universe may really be. But then, none of that really matters when it comes down to understanding one thing, God created it all. When He did it and how He did it are not as important as that He did it.

  2. Trying to make “science” out of the Genesis creation narratives is entirely missing the point.

    If that is the case, you need to read The Quest for Right.



    The Quest for Right, a series of 7 textbooks created for the public schools, represents the ultimate marriage between an in-depth knowledge of biblical phenomena and natural and physical sciences. The several volumes have accomplished that which, heretofore, was deemed impossible: to level the playing field between those who desire a return to physical science in the classroom and those who embrace the theory of evolution. The Quest for Right turns the tide by providing an authoritative and enlightening scientific explanation of natural phenomena which will ultimately dethrone the unprofitable Darwinian view.

    The text begins simply enough, tracing the history of Darwin from an impressionable youth influenced by atheists and agnostics on every hand to a full-fledged agnostic in his own right. The matter may be summed up by the inclusion of Darwin’s sentiment regarding the Creator. In a bitter denial of Christianity, Darwin complained that he “could hardly see how anyone ought to wish Christianity to be true; for if so, the plain language of the text seems to show that the men who do not believe, and this would include my Father, Brother and almost all my best friends, will be everlastingly punished. And this is a damnable doctrine.” Darwin charged his original belief in God to the “constant inculcation” (instruction or indoctrination) in a belief in God” during his childhood, which was as difficult to cast down as “for a monkey to throw off its instinctive fear and hatred of a snake…. Darwin purposed in his heart that he would no longer retain God in his knowledge. And the scientific illiterate upstart sought to entrap the innocents in the classroom in his web of deceit.

    Once past the history of the Darwinist movement, the architecture of the quantum atom is explored in great detail. This is breathtakingly new!

    The atom has been compared to a miniature sun-earth system with one or more electrons darting about everywhere at once weaving an electronic shell around the nucleus. In order for this to occur, “Bohr calculated that the electron must move at a speed of no less than seven million billion rotations per second.” Ummmm, “numerous electrons darting about, dodging one another at breakneck speeds would necessarily require the supernatural. The Quest for Right will prove to your complete satisfaction that the electron is directly adhered to the perimeter of the nucleus. “How could it have been otherwise?” The exciting text is remarkably easy to follow even for a lay person. Read a review:

    “I am amazed at the breadth of the investigation – scientific history, biblical studies, geology, biology, geography, astronomy, chemistry, paleontology, and so forth – and find the style of writing to be quite lucid and aimed clearly at a general, lay audience.” ― Mark Roberts, former Editor of Biblical Reference Books, Thomas Nelson Publishers.

    The book is a virtual smorgasbord of good things to taste: a few of the entertaining subjects include: the earth was created from a watery nebula, the mechanism of gravity which was used to form the earth, the failed photoelectric effect, theory of antimatter, quantum creation (big bang theory), disappearing color, magical application of mathematics to explain certain rudimentary principles, Rayleigh scattering (sunsets), electricity, lightning, electrolyte, the browning of fruit, the mystery of fire, and the role of oxygen in the ignition of hydrocarbons. Then, there’s the desserts which are far too numerous to mention in this limited space; for example, the origin and dimise of the great dinosaurs. Moreover, you will marvel at the comprehensive law of fixed choice.

    This is not your parent’s science book filled with distortions of the truth, called “quantum mysticism.” The comprehensive investigation–like none other you will read–quickly escapes into realism by underscoring the numerous experiments and errors responsible for the debasement of scientific theories based on whim. Teachers and students will rejoice in the simplicity of earthly phenomena when entertained by the new discipline.

    The Quest for Right is not only an academic resource designed for the public schools, but also contains a wealth of information on pertinent subjects that seminarians, and Christians in general, need to know to be effective: geology, biology, geography, astronomy, chemistry, paleontology, and in-depth Biblical studies. The nuggets from the pages of Biblical history alone will give seminarians literally hundreds of fresh ideas for sermons and teachings. The ministry resources contained in The Quest for Right serve as invaluable aids that will enrich graduates beyond their highest expectations.

    Visit the official website for additional information:

  3. A Thing that has not yet been disproved … can hold it’s reasonable assumption that it exist; And as long as a Thing remain unproven, it can maintain it’s greatest possibility of being so. Indeed in this world, Intelligent Design has faltered, but because the beautiful and shinning crystal glass was shattered when it fell to the floor, doesn’t mean it’s Superior Design didn’t exist before it’s fragments were disarranged.

    Knowing that the ‘We’ of an Intelligent Mind Soul, are Beings of a ‘’Complex Designed Circuitry of Intelligent Energy’; and knowing that a Soul is that ghost-like Energy which engulfs the Mind at all times; and knowing that the Spirit is but the accelerated state of any energy: I am comfortable being rooted in the knowledge that ‘We’ were brought into existence by the Master Creator.

    ‘One’ who’s Massive Intelligence of a Complex Circuitry of ‘Charged Plasma Energy’ is Adorned in the immeasurable Gown of Inert and Shiny Blackness of Dark Matter … a Being of the greatest intelligence known and unknown …. One who did create and do hold firm the very Designed Foundation of all Worlds created … that same One who sit in Highest position of all Her Creations of 9 Universal Planes, and who in doing so established 4 Inner Dimensional Levels there in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th, Universal Planes and 3 Inner Dimensional Levels there in the and 8th Universal Plane; as Earth now sets in open view here in the 7th Universal Plane of endless darkness. All Planes and their Inner Dimensional levels are held in placed by the stabilizing accomplishments of Quantum Frequencies.

    Of such A Creator is said; if Her Shiny Gown of Dark Matter was to transform into a Voltage Being of Lightening, and were to step down from Her hidden Place there in the First Dimensional Level of the First Universal Plane; and were to take journey through our known universe of expanded darkness. Her appearance would stand as a Five Figurative Form of Blue Lightening. Taller than any known Nebula. And that spiraling galaxies would be as tiny lily pads coupling each Her every gigantic Footsteps; and that each lily pad of a galaxy, would buckle to fall in scattered debris at Her passing.

    So Knowing what I am sure of, there is no need to debate rather or not that ‘We’ of Intelligent Mind Souls were Designed or a mishap of evolutionized procedures of a natural development. I stand In full knowledge of my Creator. I am just an Old Sold passing through, with something important to say.

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